I made Untired in 2020. The project took the wellness industry and resistance to it as its starting point. At its core, wellness is the individualization of health concerns, the replacement of a ‘makeable society’ by the malleable self. Wellness sells health as a lifestyle choice, a lie that has been successfully countered by the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic.
Through this work, I resolved to offer a critique of the pressure of the individual that wellness establishes. The work was presented as an installation created for my solo exhibition at Pulchri Studio in The Hague in September 2020.
I used as a visual space the realm of the bedroom, because the bedroom is the place where we retreat, in defiance of the pressures of treatments and clean living regimes. I focused not so much on “what" the wellness industry is offering, but rather on the question of “why” in relation to ourselves. To be more precise: why do we strive to be clean, and serene at this particular moment in time? What does the pursuit of these goals say about us? What is missing from our lives that leads us to seek spirituality in a retreat, or purification through dieting?
Ultimately, by rebuilding the bedroom as a space of defiance I hoped to allow the character I’ve built up to escape by saying that: you can’t sell anything to a sleeping woman.
The text that follows, authored by the post-conceptual artist Alina Lupu, accompanied my work installed at Pulchri.

Exhibtion view 'Untired'

Video, Iphone5, silicone hand, wood, mattress IKEA, cotton covers IKEA

UV print on aluminium

UV print on aluminium, black drape

UV print on aluminium, lamp

Single channel video, 3'49''