Lebedele (The Swans)


The Swans was created with the occasion of an invitation from the Romanian CUTRA magazine, in 2020.
In this project I thought of our relationship with nature, and how we actually take it down in order to build it back up again. One simple example of this is the way we cut down a forest to replant the trees and sell them, or we destroy the ocean and the sea life and we build swimming pools instead.
Due to the impossibility, at the time, of setting up a live presentation for the works during the COVID-19 pandemic, my visual contributions ended up being displayed online on the CUTRA platform, as well as in a virtual exhibition of feminist art, 7 scenes at 360°, alongside the works of Admina, alex horghidan, Anna Grozavu, Maria Dimancea, Simina Popescu, in an environment created by Tăietzel Ticălos.
The virtual exhibition can still be accessed at: http://cutra.ro/cutra/3/afectiv.html